Bulk Price Change

Bulk Price Change2020-11-21T12:34:47+00:00

Project Description


What do I need to do?2020-10-30T12:49:56+00:00

A few different ways:

  • Send screenshots of your Autocab prices
  • Copy the pricing table (similar to Autocab) in to table
  • Send us a list of the zone to zone prices you want to change
How much will it cost?2020-10-30T10:57:15+00:00

For a few simple zone imports it can cost less than £100 and for multiple company exports via Autocab or similar and then import to iCabbi £2000+ depending all on the time taken.

Can I do this myself?2020-10-30T10:55:32+00:00

Yes, you can manually enter or change the prices from the config but when making 10000+ price changes this can take an extremely long time and use of resources / people.

How long does a price change take?2020-10-30T10:53:38+00:00

Some changes can take minutes to implement whereas others can take days. It all depends on the complexity of the changes.

What to do next?

Send us your requirements and have a slot booked in.

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